Android 2.1 Hero H6 Wifi Dual Cameras Gps Smart Phone

Android OS wise phone comes again. At the moment, Hero H6 may be the latest Android wise phone within the Chinese cell phones market. Mixing strong functions in a single (which including Android OS, Wi-fi compatability, Java, Gps navigation, camera and FM, etc.), Hero H6 is ranked like a brilliant performance, inexpensive and contains an extensive application prospect. Now stay with me and obtain the Hero H6 locations.

1. Operation System: Google Android 2.1

In comparison using the version 1.5, Hero H6 is robust because of its operation system continues to be upgraded to Android 2.1, meaning the functions could be more effective and the expertise of the Hero H6 could be more wonderful and comfy. With Hero H6, it’s not necessary to spare without trying to obtain the software you’ll need any longer.

 2. Wi-fi compatability, JAVA, Gps navigation and Dual Cameras

Hero H6 supports Wi-fi compatability, Java, FM in addition to Gps navigation. With Wi-fi compatability, you are able to surf the web wireless with no extra charge anytime anywhere. Like a wise phone, Hero H6 will also support Java application, meaning individuals terrific applications like Facebook, Opera, Google Map, Skype and lots of various other applications.

Android 2.1 Hero H6 Wifi Dual Cameras Gps Smart Phone

Meanwhile, Gps navigation will come in Hero H6.Just transporting this perfect driving partner, it’s really a preferred portable navigation device when going or losing directions. Furthermore, additionally, it carries dual 1.9 Mega pixel cameras. Unbelievable, its almost impossible that the mobile phone supports Wi-fi compatability, Java, Gps navigation in addition to camera, not really a camera but dual cameras.

3. 3.5mm earphone jack

Arranged 3.5mm earphone jack, not just phonecall but music with earphones, all satisfy the needs with Hero H6.

4. Gravity sensor

Lots of mobile phone games must run within the support of G-sensor but self-install. While Hero H6 could be perfect to experience such system games and you may download numerous assistants too. Trembling to alter styles and tunes and playing the awesome games, awesome wise phone it’s.

Last although not minimal, Hero H6 is definitely an exception among individuals other greater-listed wise phones. It offers the cheapest cost with very effective functions and quality. Only $138(Free delivery) is reasonable indeed in, a dependable shopping site from China.

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