Android can already use Cortana

One of which is heralded as the presence of Windows 10 is the ability to access Cortana in various devices. Ranging from desktops, Xbox One, IOS to Android phones. Everything is rumored to be assigned to a personal assistant feature of the Windows artificial.

Android became the first for this. The operating system is already a million people can be immersed Cortana. However to be able to use it, users need to download the APK file yourself and not through the official store Google Play Store.

It is estimated, Cortana official format for different devices can only be felt when Windows 10 officially released. Known, the latest version of Windows can only be tested on 29 July.

However, it could not hurt to start something earlier. For invokes Cortana on Android phones and tablets, users can download the APK format it on this link.

Furthermore, Cortana will work as its function in the Windows operating system. From start to make calls, alerting the user takes the laundry, get information sports scores, stock quotes, or random trivia.

Although Cortana on Android only allows access to the beta version, it did not mean APK Cortana not functioning optimally.

Reported KompasTekno, Tuesday (07/21/2015) of Techweez, Cortana Beta can be accessed fairly quickly and easily without any fuss. Users can chat with Cortana and will be responded to properly Cortana final version.

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