Staying Safe on the Job

As a manager or business owner, employee and on-site safety is a top priority no matter what type of company you oversee. Not only does a safe work environment help prevent costly damages and losses due to impaired productivity, but it also helps avoid expensive lawsuits and liability issues. It’s in your best interest to invest in the safety of your employees, not just to protect your assets but also to keep your employees healthy, happy and more productive. Here are three critical areas to evaluate as you establish or revamp the safety protocols at your facility.

Address Heavy or Dangerous Machinery and Equipment

From forklifts in the stock room to commercial ovens in the kitchen to specialized machinery in a factory, large-scale equipment can be incredibly dangerous if it isn’t operated with precision and care. It’s also important to perform routine maintenance frequently, whether you need to thoroughly deep clean, change a busch oil filter or replace easily worn components. Have your staff trained by professionals on how to operate and maintain the machinery and equipment in your facility to prevent unnecessary injury and even death.

Perform Random Drug Screenings Routinely

Intoxication while working can have disastrous consequences in any setting. It’s likely that your company already requires all employees to participate in random drug testing. Don’t skip this process to avoid a minor inconvenience. Schedule several throughout the year to discourage employees from showing up to work while under the influence even one single time.

Provide Training Refresher Courses on a Regular Basis

Mistakes are made when workers become comfortable in their environment and develop a daily routine. Be sure to hold refresher courses at least once a year, or more often if required by law. Consider online training that employees can complete within a specific time frame and offer incentives for prompt completion.

By keeping your employees and coworkers safe on the job, you’re investing in the well-being of your people as well as your organization. Be sure to address violations and concerns promptly and set your site up for success.

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